Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions (FI) is a part of the Wholesale Banking Division at Ajman Bank and manages the bank’s relationships with its counterparts across the globe. FI is committed to establishing and nurturing correspondent relationships with banks globally and catering to the growing needs of Ajman Bank’s clientele.

Ajman Bank has correspondent banking relationships with well-renowned banks and financial institutions across several countries in the Middle East, North Africa, Asia, Europe and America. With an ever growing network of global correspondent relationships, our clients stand to benefit from our strategic partnerships, global reach and high service quality.  

Financial Institutions plays an active role in cross-border transactions, enabling Ajman Bank to gradually expand its business horizon beyond the UAE.



Financial Institutions offers the following services:


  • Clearing Services – (Vostro / Nostro Accounts)
  • FI Syndications /Bilaterals /Club facilities
  • Cross border Corporate / Sovereign  Syndications
  • Risk Participations
  • Letters of Credit (Issuance / Advising / Confirming)
  • Letters of Guarantee
  • Export / Import Finance
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