At Ajman Bank, we are committed to delivering progressive Islamic Banking solutions. And with a clear vision, we have developed a completely new approach to Islamic Banking by focusing on new products and technologies.

Current Accounts
<p><strong>An account with the credit balance always payable on demand, our current Accounts are designed to deliver optimum service quality that serves your business and personal
2 in 1 Account
<p><em>ATM/ Debit Card, Cheque book and profit in ONE account!</em></p> <p>At Ajman Bank we believe that our customers should be able to save and manage their
Saving Accounts
<p><strong>We believe in encouraging all our customers to start savings and our Shariah-Compliant Savings Accounts gives you peace of mind as it is specially designed for you to save more
#YOUNG account
<p style="text-align: left;" align="center"><span style="font-size: medium;"><strong>&nbsp;</strong>Ajman Bank #YOUNG&nbsp;account is an
Payroll Account
<p>Ajman Bank offers you a one window payroll solution to fulfill any of your financial needs. Our payroll solution is one such offering which takes away your payroll management hassle and
<p>Our Shariah compliant Term Deposit is specially designed to get you more returns. The longer the tenure, the higher your returns would be. Profits are generated and distributed from the
Upfront Profit Wakala Deposit
<p>See how fast your profits take off<em>with Ajman Bank&rsquo;s Upfront Profit Wakala Deposit</em></p> <p>With Ajman Bank&rsquo;s Upfront Profit Wakala
The Ajman Bank Company Account
To help your business grow we support you with a wide range of sharia compliant products and services
Ajman Bank Money Transfer
Send money to your loved ones seamlessly through Ajman Bank Mobile Banking App or Online Banking, anytime from anywhere.