Ajman Bank believes in its social responsibility to the community it serves. In order to meet the strategic objective, the bank pays special attention to provide job opportunities to UAE
Nationals, motivate them to pursue their higher education, offer fantastic benefits, develop and groom them to take over higher respOnsibilities in their career through training & development and retain the quality talent.

The main emphasis on Emiratization at Ajman Bank stems from the view of the workforce as one of its chief assets, combined with its community banking method. According to its development and growth strategy, investing resources and time into its staff is a fundamental opinion which it views as contributing to the overall good of the organization and the U.A.E.

In line with the nationalization strategy, Ajman bank runs two parallel employment training programmes which reflect bank's commitment towards providing employment opportunities to fresh graduates as well as experienced nationals and develop competency levels of employees.

The strategy reveals the commitment that Ajman Bank has to reaching out to its community and also supporting the UAE economy in return. As a result of these training programmes, the bank will be able to pinpoint performers who show a strong promising career.

KUNOOZ WATANIYA - "National Trainee Programme”

National Trainee Programme is designed to provide employment opportunities to Fresh UAE Nationals graduates, introduce them to the corpOrate world, train them to be successful in their careers and be a role model for the generations to come.

National Trainees will have to go through a 3 month on the job training plan and upon successful completion will be absorbed in different divisions of the bank.

"Management Trainee Programme” — An initiative for Experienced Emiratis

Management Trainee programme is designed for UAE Nationals who carries diversified experience within banking industry. The aim is to create a pool of mid-level professionals, provide them on the job rotation through which the candidate is assigned projects and assessed and learn through mentoring and coaching.

Upon campletion of the 6 months training, opportunities will be offered in their area of interests.

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