Customer Consent Letter to Obtain and Disclose Information

1. I/We, the customer hereby voluntarily authorize Ajman Bank (Bank) through this Consent Letter (Letter) to obtain and/or disclose anyfinancial, legal or credit information relating to the Customer. It includes any information pertaining to the current/savings accounts, any outstanding credit history (i.e. home financings, auto financings, personal financings, credit cards, etc.), address, telephones or utility bills relating to the Customer and his authorized signatoryor any other information which is part of the credit information report. Customer further agrees that the Bank may obtain, request, transfer and disclose any information relating to Customer obtained from any third parties such as local or international credit bureau, to and between the bank branches, subsidiaries,affiliates, representative offices, agents of the Bank and any third parties selected by any of them or Bank wherever situated. Customer allows this information for private use including for use in connection with the provision of any products or services offered to the Customer and for data processing, statistical and risk analysis purposes, global cash services and dealings in securities on any Exchange Securities Market(s) and any otherrelevant authorities and agencies pertaining thereto.Any of the Ajman Bank branches, subsidiaries, affiliates, representative offices, agents or any third parties selected by any of them shall be entitled to obtain,transfer and disclose any credit, legal or financial information relating to the Customer.

I/We, understand that the Customer has the right to withdraw this consent by contacting Bank’ contact centre (800 22) for the following at any time:

a. The processing of Personal Data by the Bank except where Personal Data is required for business operations related to the Consumer’s Products and Services

b. Personal Data sharing with agents of the Bank and any third parties for purposes such as but not limited to sales and marketing. I/We, understand that a future withdrawal of expressed consent by a Customer shall not affect the lawfulness of Data processing based on the prior expressed consent. Unless specified otherwise, the withdrawal must take effect within complete 30 calendar days

I/We, understand that the Consumer’s right to request access to and to request correction of the Data/Personal Data by contacting the bank for any inquiries or Complaints in respect of the Data/Personal Data on Bank’ contact centre (800 22) or visit to the nearest Bank branch.

2. Without prejudice to the foregoing, the Customer hereby authorizes the Bank, without any need to get any written or oral permission, to obtain or disclose any of the information indicated in this Letter from any governmental, semi-governmental authorities, body, organization, company, credit bureau or any service provider such as electricity, water and telecommunications companies, or any other person or entity as it is needed, whether inside the United Arab Emirates or abroad, which maintain or are supposed to maintain any of the information contained in this Letter relating to the Customer. The Bank, pursuant to this Letter, may communicate with such bodies or disclose any of the information mentioned in this letter.

Ajman Bank, hereby, informs you that Bank will only collect Data/Personal Data for a lawful purpose directly related to a function or activity of the Consumer

The Bank shall be entitled to use any or all of the information contained in this letter for the purpose of granting/commencing to grant the Customer any financing facilities or any other banking services offered by the Bank or to use this information for the purpose of accessing the Customer credit position and collect any amounts payable to the Bank. Customer also confirms that he/she will pay all the charges (as per Ajman Bank’s approved Tariff of Charges guide published on and available across all branches) to the bank required to access this information from any source.

3. This Letter shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the Federal Credit Information Law Number six (6) of 2010 and any other applicable laws of the United Arab Emirates. Any dispute arising between the Bank and the Customer with regards to this Letter shall be referred to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the United Arab Emirates